Try Anything Once

lips2lips-tumblrSometimes it is hard to be a lesbian. Some people just refuse to accept you as an equal and sometimes as a person. I hope when you are confronted with people of these types of attitudes you shrug their comments off. There are plenty of people and lesbians that support your choice of sexuality. I can usually just pass ignorant people in my life and move forward and I hope you can too.

My bigger question is though; how do you please yourself? Sure there are vegetables and fingers but I have been looking for something different and exciting. I came across this awesome blog post Sex ideas for lesbians

I don’t know what people are thinking; I like my sexual orgasms just as much as the next person, whether I am a lesbian or not. My preference for sex toys depends on my mood. When I feel naughty maybe I want something that can please both my pussy and ass. When I am in an intimate mood, I just want to play with my clit. My sexual desires change upon the mood I am reflecting that day or night.

I have no worries about life and my sexuality and  I am open to trying anything new that reflects the sexual mood I am in at any given moment.

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