How to have lesbian sex for the first time

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Image via via

If you are new to lesbian sex then I highly recommend that you check out this post: How to have lesbian sex for the first time. It is a fuckin awesome read – you will learn everything you have been to afraid to ask.

I am a girly girl lesbian and love when my lover is a girly girl too. Sure every once in awhile I will choose a more manly mannered woman to share my bed with but in general my preference is girly girls. Currently, I do not have a girlfriend, just a few women I like to hang out with and have fun. Sometimes when we meet there is a chance that we could just stop what we are doing and have big fun with all of our sex toys that we own. Most if not all of my friends have a good selection of pleasuring devices in their homes.

One of my favourite sexual things to do with my girlfriends is to play dress up. First we plan a date night and we each are required to wear something sensual and risqué. This is really fun because everyone’s imagination goes wild when it comes to picking out a new sex outfit. Second each person is to bring a vibrator or dildo that best fits their sexy and sensual clothes for the evening. We meet and then discus how we chose the sex toy and clothes we are wearing. Then we have fun playing in our sexy clothes and with our sensual sex toys. This is a fun and easy way to introduce lesbian sex into your life

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