My Role As An Activist


G’day, Liz here with an update of what I have been doing and how I’ve been doing it. As a lesbian I try to be as much of an activist as my lifestyle and time will allow and I have found that getting together with other activists can be a mind opening and amazing experiences. We always discuss ways to improve our lives and the understanding of what it means to be lesbian and the way we are looked at by the straight community.

Many of us have had relationships with straight lovers over our lives but have found that we prefer our lesbian lovers because of the understanding and comfort that we have between us. And as time goes on I have met many new friends and hopefully many new lovers at some of the meetings I have attended and have found that some of us will set up smaller meets so we can have a lot more involved discussions with more intimate displays of showing our sexual preference too each other.

Alright these meets could be considered a small orgy but we still push for the right to be lesbian with all our mite and ability till we are all worn out and satisfied to the top of our brims, and have accomplished what we wanted too! I’m really liking this role in being an activist and look forward to our large meetings to discuss our life style and as I have found, a way to find others that are into smaller gatherings which I have to admit is my favourite! Live on Small Meetings!


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