A Tale Of Two Woes


Time for a tail of two hoes, Oops I mean a tale of two woes; sorry but I had something on my mind that did not have to do with sorrows but with great joy between two friends that happen to be lesbian. I recently met a lovely lass that got my juices flowing immediately and made me want to get to know her better. After some great conversation and a few glasses of fine Aussie wine we decided to take our evening back to my flat where we could partake in a few more pleasures than just the wine and talk.

Upon arriving at my flat I opened some more fine Vino and produced some of my sex toys that I purchased from Sex Toys 247, the best adult online store that Australia and possible the world has to offer! From my huge toy chest I found all the dildos and vibrators that the two of us would need for a night of multiple orgasms and true bliss that would be one of the top memories in both of our minds! Practically from the time we entered the door we were all over each other for the dance of the bed and we made good use of the toys as we pleased ourselves in all the orifices we had collectively and sealed our friendship with a long and  mind blowing evening that we both hope to experience many more times!


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