Who Asks Who?


It is such a tricky, gray area for anyone these days. Men ask women, women ask men, women ask women! The great part about that is that there are no “rules”! The hard part about that is that, well there are no “rules”. If you are the shy type that can make getting yourself a date a bit more challenging. Just remember, for anything else in life, if you want it you have to go for it. You can’t sit by and wait for the world to come to you.

So here are a couple tips, or general rules, to keep in mind, if you ask her out:

  • You should plan the night.
  • You should plan to pick her up.
  • You should plan to pay for whatever you plan (ex. Dinner, movies, museum, etc…)

Or you should establish your own rules beforehand. For example, let her know you would like to go dutch.

As things develop you should continue to follow the same thought process. If you are initiating the date you should plan to “be in charge”. And if you and your partner take things to the next level and you want to bring some toys into the bedroom go to http://www.sextoys247.com.au and start things off by surprising your partner with a toy you like,  to show her you can lead in bed too.

The guidelines are, as with anything in life, just guidelines. You should take each situation as it comes and decide what would be best for everyone involved.


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