Talking about Sex


Whether you are gay, straight or bi for some reason talking about sex in a relationship is hard. You may find it hard to talk about your needs and wants, but if you want your relationship to stay strong the two of you have to find a way.

Talking about sex is really not that much different than talking about other things in your partnership. The only way you get to eat the restaurant you like is to tell her what kind of food is your favorite.  If you like to go dancing you tell your partner, right?

Talking about sex is the same idea. If you don’t tell your partner, show your partner the things you like she won’t know how to make you feel good. Let’s say you want to try a new toy, but you are too shy to tell her. One way to make it a little easier might be to show her instead. Try going to a website called, It has a great selection of items and you two can talk about the ones you definitely want to try and ones that maybe  want to try.

This is a great way to open the door to talking about what you both like in the bedroom. And if you can discuss what you like in there, you can probably talk about anything else which is great. It is great because communication is the key to a good relationship.


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