Me And The Married Couple

Trojka 02

I love being lesbian and I love the lifestyle that I have managed to live once I came out and found that there are many true lesbians around and in reality most straights have no problem with the lifestyle we live. Being open minded and also having been in several straight relationships in my years before I truly discovered who I am, I have found some friends that are in a traditional marriage and the wife happens to be a former lover of mine, who invited me over to their flat for an evening of eating a great meal and having a good time playing some games.

We started out after dinner playing some poker and after a short time, and running out of chips, it became strip poker. The bloke was a shrewder player and soon had us ladies down to what god gave us to wear and we were enjoying it, as I’m sure he was also, and we were soon into getting out our own toys and giving hubby the show of his life! After pleasing each other with many new toys and delights we decided to give the dude a lesson or two in the art of pleasure and brought him into our fold, much to his delight, and proceeded to play out our fantasies that we had not yet tried, first time double penetration, and he jumped in with all the gusto he had and by the end of the night we were all laying in a heap of joy on the bed thinking of what fun it would be to do this more often!! May it happen soon!!


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